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Emerald Crab
Price: $4.25 Each - or 6 @ 4.00 Each

Emerald Crab - Mithrax sculptus - Emerald Crabs feed upon many types of algae including bubble algae which is what makes this particular crab so popular. They also feed on detritus. These are very reef safe and do not harm other reef inhabitants.  Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Red Mithrax Crab - Mithrax ruber.

A great algae feeder that is closely related to the Emerald Crab. They are very active within a reef.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA



Red Mithrax Crab
Price: $6.00 Each



Blue Leg Hermit Crab, Small
Price: $15.00 Per 24


Blueleg Hermit Crab -  Feed on a variety of algae including hair algae. Bluelegs are one of the best algae controllers. Our Bluelegs arrive in a variety of shells. Completely reef safe.

Colony of small Blue Legs in the wild.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Blue leg Hermit Crab, Small
Price: $32.00 Per 100
See Photo  


Blue Leg Hermit Crab, Med
Price: $15.00 per/dozen



Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Scarlet Reef Hermit
Price: $4.00


Scarlet Reef Hermit - Paguristes cadenati An interesting hermit that is a fairly good algae controller.


Scarlet Reef Hermit
Price: $36.00 per/dozen
See Photo



Sally Lightfoot Crab
Price: $9.95 Each


Sally Lightfoot Crab - Percnon gibbesi An interesting crab which lives on the underside of rocks. These feed on detritus and algae of various sorts and are reef safe. Our sally crabs are always a nice size.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Blue Porcelain Crab
Price: $9.95 Each

Porcelain Crab. - An interesting blue crab that is similar in habit to the Sally Lightfoot Crab. Note...   We are now shipping the Blue phase.  These are our best variety. Origin - Florida Keys, USA  
Horseshoe Crab
Price: $9.95 Each

Horseshoe Crab Not a true crab but a very good detritus remover and sand sifter.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Arrow Crab

Price: $9.95 Each

  Atlantic Arrow Crab. Origin - Florida Keys, USA  
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