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Gorgonians and Invertebrates

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Purple Plume Gorgonian on Certified Aquaculture Rock.   Very Hardy

These can be placed at or near the base of a reef. We mostly do a flat bottom for the base. We do a lot of these using a wet saw and really like the results. You can specify a rock that has not been cut using the comments section if you like. Note.. The bottom of an Aquaculture Rock when cut is is perfectly flat and bright white.

Price: $29.00

These are a Medium to High light item. Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Here is a typical base to a Purple Plume or a Frilly Gorg. Both types are derived from cuttings. We feel that this is an absolutely sustainable product.

Yellow Gorgonian

These can be placed at or near the base of a reef or may be put in a shaded area.


Price: $15.00




Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Red Tree Sponge

Our Red Tree Sponges are 4" to 8" tall and have a minimum of 3 branches.


Price: $16.00

These are a low to Medium light item. Origin - Florida Keys, USA



Red Ball Sponge with Zooanthis swifti

These are running as nice as we have ever seen.

Price: $17.00


Red Ball Sponge with 60 or more Zooanthis Swifti polyps. These polyps are feather like small yellow polyps and are nocturnal.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Note.. We have a few extremely  large Zoo Sponges @ 50.00 Each.  Call for details.

Corky Finger Gorgonian, Med



Price: 18.00



Overhead view of Corky Finger Gorgonian Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Purple Plume Frag

Rare on the market.  5 to 7 inches tall with lots of branches. Very hardy.


Price: $12.00 Each


A truly unique item.  Moderate light.  These are collected in a shallow to moderate depth.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA

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