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Reef Aquarium Snails

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Turbo Snail
Price: $10.00 per/dozen
See Photo

Turbo Snail (Astraea) Still the best all round algae controller. Our turbo snails are always coraline encrusted, are collected daily and will arrive to you in great shape. Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Note All Turbos Snails (Astaea) are Lithopma americanus formerly know as Astraea americanus and commonly known throughout the trade as Astaea or Turbo Snails. We do not offer Mexican Turbos.

Turbo Snail (Astraea)....100 lot
Price: $40.00 Per 100 lot
See Photo  SALE!
Golden Astraea Snails Small
Price: $28.00 Per 100 lot


Golden Astraea Snail is light coraline coated. These are small Astrae snails and are very active within the reef.Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Star (ninja) Snail
Price: $5.00 Each or 12 @ 4.00 Each

No Photo

Star Snail Astralium phoebia  A very interesting star shaped astrae that thrives in all reef situations. These do well in sand and can right themselves when turned up-side-down.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Sand Sifting Fighting Conch, Small - 2 Inches. Aka Tiger Conch

Price: $12.00 Each

Great Sand-Sifter.   Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Perfect Size this week...

Astraea Snail, Tiny     (Lithopoma americanum

Price: $24.00 Per 100 Lot

These are really hardy and are smaller than our Golden Snails.  Note... Like almost everything that we collect, these are incredibly prolific and are in no danger of being over-collected.  We have been getting quite a few requests for these from Coral Researchers and Growers.

 Origin - Florida Keys, USA


Nerite Snail {tesselatta}
Price: $12.00 Per 6
See Photo


Nerite Snails  Nerite snails are a very popular item among our repeat customers and once they get used to the aquarium environment will consume large amounts of algae especially around the top edge of the glass.

Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Large Cerith Snail
Price: 15.00 Per 12
See Photo 


 Cerith Snail, Lg -  1.25  inches. These are the by far the best variety of  Cerith snail that we have found for use in a reef aquarium. These consume algae including film algae and the red slime algae that forms on the base of the glass of aquariums. These are the hardiest of all of the items that we offer. Origin - Florida Keys, USA

Nassarius vibex
Price: $10.00 Per 12 Lot


  These are a great detritus feeder that will not harm other reef inhabitants.  These small snails will generally disappear into the sand and re-emerge at feeding time.

Nassarius vibex
Price: $36.00 Per 50



Cone Snail, Conus regius

Price: $18.00 Each

Theses are slightly venomous Cones that we collect in the Florida Keys.  Not known to be dangerous.  These feed upon Bristle worms etc.   Also a good sand sifter.  Origin - Florida Keys, USA

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